Lanbrella Creative Design--Reverse Umbrella Tarvel
Have you also encountered such a situation, originally thought the umbrella will be ok, not!!When I got on the bus, I was still wet.....

That's not all.

The e wet umbrella had no place to put when we got on the bus, and then got wet again when we got off.

Recently, I have seen a funny design while walking, There is nothing to say but feel that creativity comes from life. Rain not only makes people feel bored, but also causes a lot of inconvenience to travel! Therefore, a creative design of umbrella have been loomed into our view--Reverse umbrella.

In this way, you can avoid the embarrassment of being exposed to the rain to collect your umbrella.

When collected, rainwater will be trapped inside the umbrella and won't dribble everywhere.

Even if you take it with you, you won't be afraid of getting wet inside!

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