Letter of Thanks from Europe Customer
Letter of Thanks from Europe Customer
Letter of Thanks from EUROPE Customer

‘’I can’t put in words the gratitude I feel for your help, support, positive attitude AND your kind forgiveness when errors on make on my side.  Please know, IF (and it’s very, very rare!!) there is ever a mistake made on your side, it’s my honor to extend the same support to you and Hongjie, in anyway possible!!

Here IS something, I’m able to put into words… I’m responsible for 25 suppliers.  4 are very large, the remainder are small suppliers.  Out of ALL the suppliers I work with, Hongjie is, by far, the best at communication, on time delivery, support  when requested, quick reply time, etc. 

 I feel blessed to have such a wonderful partner to collaborate with!! ’’

Due to a misunderstanding, the Sweden customer reflects our company of inaccurate data. After sale’s patient communication, the problem was solved. Afterwards, the customer sent a letter to praise Hongjie as the best supplier!

The high recognition of customers is our greatest achievement in our professional, serious and customer-oriented work. We are proud of this and strive to do better!

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